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Embellishment, interactive display and promotional mechanics

How INX's Outdoor Vehicle Advertising helps to activate brand engagement

Besides acting as a Mobile Brand Indicator, raising brand awareness on the go, Vehicle Advertising provide genuine outreach, audience engagement and help to build a sustainable presence and event marketing, achieving flexible & interactive advertising everywhere in Singapore!

Our Vehicle Advertising draws attention to a message by bringing it directly to the consumer, and creative possibilities include embellishment, interactive display and promotional mechanics, leading to a call for action.

Vehicle Advertising can be presented in various configurations:

out of home outdoor vehicle advertising


Brand Activation is a Marketing Discipline, the art of Driving Consumer Action through Brand Interaction and Experiences.

How can the Mobile Advertising Vehicle help Bring Brands to Life?

We create experiences and form long-term emotional connections through many forms where some common brand activation includes

– Consumer Promotions
– Experiential Marketing
– Digital Campaigns
– Shopper Marketing
– Sampling Campaigns



Mobile Billboards are mainly used to reach out to motorists and pedestrians on the road. They can be used to achieve market saturation, or skewed to reach a specific demographic target audience. It can also be used geographically by providing coverage in and around specific venues where your target audience are.

Our Mobile Vehicle are of 15 Footer in size, hence, we can better maneuverer in locations with tight alleys. Benefiting your event by: 

  • drawing attention to a message by bringing it directly to the consumer
  •  bring creative possibilities include embellishments, interactive displays and promotional programs


Interactive digital media plays a big part in today’s brand experiential scene. Some widely used elements includes

-Interactive Motion Sensors, Gesture & Facial Recognition, Touch Screen
-Holographic, Augmented & Virtual Reality
-Gamification via touch screens and Applications

Such interactives are widely used for Brand Activation and Event Marketing. At INX we have a team of digital professionals to customize to your needs.



Looking for an unique way to showcase a product launch or Brand Activation?

Let us help you in setting up an unique & engaging physical setting Pop Up Store that creates an immersive experience with the combination of interactive activities.

Be it indoor or outdoor, INX have the resources in building the perfect Pop Up Store for your brand & marketing managers to connect with your targeted customers!

Check out INX fleet of
Mobile Advertising Vehicles here!

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