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We have an inhouse team of skilled craftsmen specialising in Large Format Printing and Fabrication for Exhibitions in Singapore

What Our Event Company Offers?

At INX, we have an inhouse team of skilled craftsmen specialising in Large Format Printing and Fabrication for Exhibitions, Pop Up Stores, staging and props carving. We call them The Staging People, and together with our Machineries specialist, they form the backbone of this division.

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4 Main Categories

With an extensive network and resources, we are constantly upgrading our production technologies and knowledge, always providing creative and practical solutions which help our client to communicate brand, connect and interact with their potential audience.

With the support of our in-house creative division, we have produce many events & exhibition installation till date and we have gained the trust of many clients who prefer a one stop station.


As a global commerce, transportation and financial hub, Singapore is well known as the perfect location for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions).

Be it a corporate trade exhibition, consumer retail or F&B exhibition or even a Pop Up Art Gallery, our team of experience in-house carpenters will be able to support! From concept design, materials selections, fabrication to installation, our team is the one stop solution to your desired built!

At INX, we segregate Exhibition Design support into 3 main service sections:

Exhibition stand design

Our creative team of 2D Graphic and 3D Designers are here to bring your ideal exhibition stand to live! We provide modern creative design concepts from conceptualisation, to 2D Graphic Design, 3D Rendering to Layout planning that can integrate with interactive elements to engage with potential clients.

exhibition stand fabrication

Select from various exhibition stand styles such as modular system or have our creative team design a fully customised stands! Already have an exhibition stand design? Our fabrication team is able to work with your design and provide professional suggestions to material choices, layout, user experience, functionality and more!

other exhibition support

We also provide a wide range of secondary support for your exhibition stand! Such as furniture rental, special lightings, electrical works, manpower supply, display stands and many more!



What is a Pop Up Store?

A Pop Up Store is a short term or temporary set up with the objective of brand or sales driven initiatives. In the recent years, Pop Up Stores has become a go-to marketing strategy for retailers in Singapore, taking over the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It is a new way of Event Fabrication that extends the brand or merchandise sales of any kind.

Pop Up stores are generally designed creatively that carries elements of eye catching outlook and consumers engagement such as interactive systems or activities. Consumers’ expectation of the Pop Up Store shopping experience is on unique, exclusivity and ‘cool’ factors.

How does a Pop Up Store works?

Campaign Period

A Pop Up Store typically set up and operates between 3 days and 3 months. Such short term format creates exclusivity and establish a time limited opportunity impression to consumers and boost their compulsion to make a purchase. You may also set up your Pop Up Store in line with festive or seasonal theme or event to attract consumers.


Launching a Pop Up Store is generally more cost efficient then renting a traditional brick and mortar retail store. Many brand managers in Singapore takes this opportunity to test new markets or launch new product lines.


In recent trends, Social Media Marketing is a must have for brand campaigns. Having a uniquely designed Pop Up Store or in other words, social media worthy, will encourage customers to snap a photograph and share it on their own social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. This will help to boost your brand’s social media presence and online marketing.


A favourable Pop Up Store’s location is crucial for your brand campaign. While many tend to setup their Pop Up Store within stores abroad, it is most common to locate your Pop Up Store along busy shopping streets, in or outside shopping malls in Singapore as such areas has consumers who already has intention to shop or buy.

Another advantage of having the Pop Up Store near the main retail outlet is that, retail with smaller footprint may place exclusive or seasonal items in the Pop-Up Store to attract consumers while directing them to the main retail outlet at the same time.


The first impression of the brand is the key to a successful sale. Hence, it is really important to design your pop-up store creatively that helps converts customers and making their experience memorable. Designing an eye-catching Pop Up Store design should cover all aspects, from the Pop Up Store outlook, to product layout, interior furnishing, lighting, user flow & experience.

Integrating technology and interactive element in your Pop Up Store will aid in customer engagement as well.

How can INX support your Pop Up Store Campaign?

Apart from conventional Fabrication for Exhibition, INX is also experienced in designing and building Pop Up Stores for roadshows, F&B Pop Up and retail stores with various formats in Singapore.

For stationery Pop up Stores, create unique styles with options of modular or tubular systems, full carpentry fabrication or even with a modified container box with dual side glass doors.

Looking for an even more unique way? Host your Pop Up Store with INX’s exclusive Mobile Advertising Vehicle and rove around Singapore unannounced to quickly draw in crowd!


Customised Stage sets for events are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore as the stage set is often the first impression of an event to all participants. Our design and fabrication team can customised any stage set that maximises space and creating a stunning background for your event. The fabrication service support includes the process of stage design with engineer certification, production, onsite installation and dismantling.

INX is capable of designing and fabricating stages for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor events in Singapore. Such as:

– Awards and Gala
– Fashion Show and Runways
– Meetings and Exhibition
– Live Concerts & Festivals
– Studio Sets (Talk Show / Game Shows)
– Trade Shows and Launches
– Corporate Events

We are also experienced in integrating visual effects, interactive system & technology onto the stage fabrication itself. For instance, a grand turntable for car launch, an opening LED Screen on track for a grand entrance, or even interactive projection mapping! Such visual effects give a highlight and draw attention to the icon or personnel on stage instantly!

Other fabrication support such as Entrance Arches, Brand Wall, Photo Wall, Signages, Exhibition Stands, Pop Up Stands, Launch Mechanisms, Standees, Props & Decorative are also available.


Large Format Printing are widely used in the events industry, such as conferences & conventions, exhibitions, special events or even product launches for advertising and brand exposure purposes. To further support the Event Fabrication team, INX had set up an in-house Large Format Print & Cut Workshop.

Our Large Format Print capabilities include PVC Canvas and (Solvent /UV) Vinyl Sticker, Plotting, Print & Cut, Laser Routing, CNC Routing and 3D Printing. INX Event Fabrication team shall help you in designing, fabricating, printing and installing these advertorials, posters, signages, backdrop according to your specification.

INX is not just an AV company, we plan and we set everything in place, we take over the program management, and we know you have more important tasks on site, which is to enhance the relationship with your exhibitors and your sponsors.

Leave the execution to us, you are well assured that your event is in good hands

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