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INX’s evolution from event agency to brand activation firm

INX is no stranger to the marketing industry having been around since 2012. The company, which leads the way in brand experience and activation, was started by Gary Neo as an event agency early in its conception.

Today, it has pivoted its business to create innovative and impactful experiences for clients from different industries such as sports, advertising agencies, event hosting, and others. Some of its notable brands include FIT Summit, The Economist Impact, and ADK Connect Singapore.

With a focus on delivering customised and memorable brand activations, INX has established itself as a trusted partner for brands who are looking to engage their target audience in a meaningful way.

A growing demand for experiential and immersive events

When asked what led to the change in direction from the company, Neo said that over the past few years, consumers have increasingly become resistant to traditional forms of marketing and advertising. As such, he saw many clients looking for new and innovative ways to engage their target audience and create more meaningful connections.

This is where experiential marketing and brand activations can help a company stand out. Experiential marketing allows for the creation of memorable and emotional experiences that resonate with its values and interests.

“To better meet the evolving needs of our clients, we have shifted our focus from being a traditional event agency to experiential events and brand activations,” he said.

Out of the box, and into the physical space

Today, INX is proud to say that it offers unique and creative approaches in event conceptualisation, planning and execution. It has a trusted track record of delivering successful events, along with a customised service offering which is suited to the needs of clients.

One standout activation the company created in middle of 2022 was the DrugFreeSG Pop Up 2022 at Suntec City Tower 3 East Atrium, which was hosted from 26 June to 3 July.

DrugFreeSG Pop Up was organised by the Central Narcotics Bureau in commemoration of International Day on 26 June against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The aim of the DrugFreeSG Pop-Up booth was to increase ground presence and awareness in a fun and meaningful way to better deliver anti-drug messages to youths.

The pop-up exhibition simulated the effects of taking drugs, such as feeling giddy and directionless, in a bid to drive home the anti-drug message. It comprised a series of experiential activities such as two immersive rooms that were designed to allow visitors to feel the negative effects of drugs through multi-sensory experiences.

(Image and CNB project credited to ADK Connect Singapore)

The first room was decked out in a distorted chequerboard pattern while the second was covered with screens that played a seemingly endless loop of geometric shapes.

Meanwhile, taking the event one step further, there was also a nation-wide light-up across Singapore. Ultimately, the pop-up garnered a lot of attention and was covered by the likes of The Straits Times, and Youthopia, among many others.

Another execution Neo and his team were particularly proud of was the work they did with Under Armour. They took over OCBC Square from 12 January to 22 January 2022 to mark the new launch of the #Curry9 “Street Pack” collection in collaboration with Stephen Curry and Sesame Street. The key target audience were teens and working adults who were basketball enthusiasts and fans of Curry and Sesame Street.


An immersive event was created to have a neighbourhood celebration where event participants could gather to celebrate the launch of Under Armour’s new launch of #Curry9 “Street Pack” collection in collaboration with Curry and Sesame Street.

INX transformed and built a basketball court at OCBC square from scratch for the interactive activities to take place. The team also put in place a queue system for event participants to enter the court in a safe and orderly manner for some games and fun.

“Creating opportunity, access, and equality for youth sports in neighbourhoods was the mission, and at the end of the day, Under Armour was happy to have exceeded their expectations despite COVID-19 restrictions,” Neo said.

Ensuring a great experience

While many brands might struggle to create unique experiences, Neo said it is all about knowing your end objective and understanding your target audience. He shared that this year, the plan was to bring more unique event solutions to the market. The company is going to focus on three key executions:

1. An integrated mobile event trailer

The use of containers as pop-up stores or activation ground are rising in the brand marketing industry.  What makes MAV 4.0 different, yet better than generic containers, is its flexibility in movement on a trailer and self powering capability via an in-built generator.

2. Mobile Sampling Carts

A multi-purpose sampling cart can be turned into a mini cafe or food sampling/serving station to enhance a brand’s customer experience.

3. Insta- Caravan

The towing of a caravan into the city to target a specific audience. It can be transformed into a drink sampling station while also entertaining potential customers.

“At the end of the day, brands must ensure that all elements of their marketing from event to messaging are aligned, and put experiences at the heart of it all, to create a lasting memory,” he added.

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