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Leave the execution to us, you are well assured that your event is in good hands.

conference event management Singapore

How INX Service helps to manage conference events

Conference Event Management has been one-half of our core business since the establishment of the company. Over the years, we have served many local and overseas-based conference organizers, conference service management companies and conference producers. Our production capability has extended beyond Singapore to Asia-pacific countries.

Our Conference Event Management team proactively managed all conferences with details from layout planning, stage conceptualisation, event brand identity, Audio Visual Lighting operation. 

We constantly update our inventory to the latest technology, and refine our operating procedures to value add to the working process.

Human capital remains our most valuable offering, besides excellent technical directors and top-notch technical crew, INX has got a team consisting of professional show manager, console assistant and many specialist roles.

Types of supported Conference Management segments​

So what else makes us stand out from common Conference Event Management Companies in Singapore? We are proud of our service-centric approach of positioning ourselves as a quality production house with extensive value-added services. INX value add with our ideas and experience that is accumulated thru years of conference event management.

Our nine (9) key Conference Event Management products and services includes On-Site AV Management, Speakers Hospitality, Production & Layout Planning, Professional Sound System, Professional Video System, Professional Light System, Staging Design & Production, Exhibition Booths and Branding Works.

01 On-Site AV Management(Yellow) v2

Professional technical crew aside, our standard practice includes (at least) a console manager or producer to manage show calling and technical aspects of the event. Hence, enabling even the non tech-savvy clients to produce live events of excellent quality!

Speakers Hospitality (Yellow) v2

We present ourselves with professionalism and friendly demeanour throughout all contact points with event speakers, such as:

  • Speakers Mic-ing
  • Briefing speakers on technical flow
  • Curating accurate presentation decks before and during event
  • Assisting speakers in checking their presentation decks
03 Production & Layout Planning(Yellow)

We often act as a helping hand by conducting site recce and measurements on behalf of local/overseas clients. 

Many clients value our input and advices, such as recommendation of stage size, stage set position, branding banners dimensions and production of scaled layouts (drawn on auto-cad files).

04 Professional Sound System(Yellow)

Utilising audio system with great audio quality – the KV2 and HK Audio series, and our professional technical knowledge, we provide quality sound system set up for events ranging from 30pax private discussion session to few thousand pax expo setting.

05 Professional Video System(Yellow)

With steady improvement in technologies, long gone are the days of low resolution and pixelated visuals. With the technical capacity to support up to 4k resolution, we ensure great visual feast for all attendees. We love to play around with different display screens to create synchronised and seamless content, hence creating impressive visual effects!

06 Professional Light System(Yellow)

Events lighting not only has the functional purpose to provide focused face lights for speakers without affecting the side screens, many of times it serves the aesthetics function.

We love to change up the event mood through event lighting or sometimes a choreographed light show for event opening! Check out our website for the reference videos.


We support all types of stage set production – from basic stage backdrop to fully custom-built ones with integration of AV works.

However, our staging works go beyond simply production aspect. We conceptualise designs, plan dimensions and craft out 3D visuals of designs that are production-friendly and best fit our clients’ visions.

08 Exhibition Booths(Yellow)

For years, we have been building exhibition booths with carpentry works and the same old system panel build-up.

To change up the stale exhibition build-up scene, we are launching our franchised DMK modular structures which boasts on curved edges and irregular structure shape. Check out our website to find out more!

09 Branding Works(Yellow)

We recognise the importance of branding mileage in all events.

Henceforth, we provide site measurement and consultancy services, which include recommending branding works that best utilise the event space while maximising advertising dollars for clients.

INX is not just an AV company, we plan and we set everything in place, we take over the program management, and we know you have more important tasks on site, which is to enhance the relationship with your exhibitors and your sponsors.

Leave the execution to us, you are well assured that your event is in good hands

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